Though Nicaragua is still a developing nation, one of the poorest in Latin America, it was once a major colonial power and is clearly on the path to greater glory again. This country controlled one of the world’s most important waterways, the fastest connection (prior to the Panama Canal’s construction) between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Thus Nicaragua’s cultural and architectural treasures include splendid Spanish colonial cities replete with opulent churches and magnificent buildings, most spectacularly displayed in the popular tourist and retirement destination of Granada.

Here, remarkably reconstructed colonial edifices have been transformed into some of Central America’s most atmospheric hotels, while the nearby beach town of San Juan del Sur has attracted one truly incredible resort and several other relatively upscale properties. Granada’s sister city, León, less developed for international tourism, is also home to quite comfortable colonial-style options. Between these ancient towns, the sprawling new capital of Managua, a city of opportunity and growth, is home to quality business-class and boutique hotels designed for international travelers accustomed to the finest service and amenities. In the past decade this Central American country has made great strides in improving its infrastructure and tourist facilities for those coming from abroad for their vacation or holiday. As interest in Nicaragua grows, expect new luxury properties to pop up along the coast, joining high-end healthy yoga resort Yemaya on the fabulous Corn Islands. So, it’s up to you, enjoy time travel to the Spanish colony visiting Granada and Leon. Come and see for yourself how these beautiful cities have kept their charm through turbulent times. Or you may prefer a tucked away beach paradise in Corn Island, where breathtaking views will make you want to visit again and again. But if you are a business person, you can always count on the capital city, Managua. Let us make your travel experience unforgettable with our different offers on hotels, enjoying the city, the beach, the lake, or even a lagoon; Nicaragua has all the ingredients to make your next vacation unique.